I’ve spent 15 years in corporate America in a career I loved and adored. An accident changed it all but allowed me to stay home with my children. During my recovery both physically and mentally all while doing a job much harder than the last 15 years I’ve learned what it takes to persevere and what it feels like to think you’ve fallen behind. The grace of God has shown me my true purpose in life and that was not working behind a desk but face to face with people I love so much…..His!



For the past three years, I have been helping myself get better and grow and a human being; in-turn learning everything there is to know about mental health, work/home life balance, physical health and spiritual health. My talent is the ability to learn information, retain it and want nothing more to share it with others in a way that is easy to understand and accept; so that they to can experience the Joy of improving their lives. I have 15 years in disability claims management, mentoring and training. A 20 week class in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Never ending learning in the art of raising my cognitive awareness and growth as a Leader in a world of Leader. We all have the potential to be a Leader and to lead others to their greatness.