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April Crawford

I worked for 15 years in the insurance industry as a Long term disability claims manager. I though I loved my job and it made me happy to a point, as I was helping people and made a difference. But one day the tables turned for me and I became disabled myself ; it was a very different place to be in. While pregnant with my son, Liam, I was involved in a minor car accident. Unfortunately, I slammed on the horn to get the elderly driver to stop and pay attention and at 20 miles an hour my airbag went off breaking my wrist and jamming my entire right arm backwards. Being pregnant I could not get the appropriate treatment, after the cast removal and treatment, I went back to work. I was not doing well at home and DID NOT like being out of work.

Little did I know God had bigger plans than I had for myself. But I had to go through some tribulations so that I could truly understand myself and the people I am meant to help. I listening to that negative voice I like to call E.G.O. (Errors Causing Obstacles). Telling me that I was a bad mother and wife. So much guilt telling me I was worthless because I couldn’t hold my infant son, do my little girls hair or take care of house and home. That voice got so loud I forced myself to go back to work in pain. Mom-guilt I thought it was, we all have it, it will pass.

For 5 months I suffered and faked that I was okay trying to just survive. You can’t stop being parent or a spouse and I realized I was just surviving for a long time, not thriving. Living life waiting for the next “fun” thing to happen or next “event”. Better yet, just trying to make it through the week until Friday. Even though I liked, even loved the job I did, I still felt like something was missing, even more so now. But I tell you, I was COMFORTABLE and I was afraid to go anywhere else. I knew my job and I knew it well and I planned on retiring from that company! But I wasn’t truly happy and never actually experienced true Joy and I was eating my feelings away…..

Then everything changed when I started fasting and building my relationship with the Lord. Now this is my journey, but we all have the same purpose in life and different journeys getting there. Your journey brought you to me and we may begin ours….. My goal is to help you start, restart, speed up or heighten your journey to self discovery; no matter your religious or spiritual background. I’ll share the rest of my journey in our intake session where we’ll get to know each other more. I am honored and look forward to being a part of this journey with you.

Many Blessings

April Crawford

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