How do I operate as a Coach


How I Operate As a Coach

 As your Coach I make the following commitments to you:

I will believe in you completely, and I will know that you can succeed in your aims.

I will stretch you, challenge you, and sometimes confront you, but always from a supportive position of service. I will be warm to you, laugh with you and will travel with you as an equal partner in your own success journey.

I will be honest, open and non-judgmental.

I will help you to achieve all that you can be as long as you stay true to your own best interests.

 My clients are all ready to create the goals they want in their life, and it is my role to challenge you further than you would normally challenge yourself.  My specific purpose is to get you to where you want to be faster than you would do on your own.

 Everything that passes between us will stay confidential and I will always stand within the standards & ethics under which I have been trained and qualified.

 Sometimes I will offer you an alternative view of what you are saying. I might hear a certain tone in your voice, or I might sense a fear that you have not noticed. I will always tell you when this happens. I will not insist that you address it – coaching is always about what you want. It is my job to help you to see what you want to see, not to make you face things that you are not ready to look at.

 Often, I will ask you to consider going further than you initially think that you are prepared to go. You are always in charge of what action steps you commit to between sessions. If I challenge you (and I almost certainly will) to do something extra at some point, you always have the following options:

  •  You can say, “no”

  • You can say, “yes”

  • You can negotiate the request up or down.

Be assured that I will be ready for our scheduled meetings; I will be relaxed and ready to go without any of my own circumstances clouding my mind!